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Mike has been training and competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for 15 years. During this time Mike has sought out and learned from some of the most accomplished names in the industry in order to further develop his game as well as provide high quality instruction and detail to his students. Mike has been able to train under a variety of affiliations over the years as he has moved around the country with teams such as Gracie Barra (10 years), Renato Tavares (2 years), and  Carlson Gracie (3 years). Mike is currently an instructor at Gracie Barra in Phoenix, AZ.

Mike has a wealth of competition experience, success, and knowledge as he has competed over 50 times from the IBJJF level down to regional and local tournaments. He has a deep understanding of what it takes to prepare both mentally and physically for competition and maintain the lifestyle to achieve the goals set.

Mike graduated from Penn State University and in addition to his BJJ background also has years of experience in both Wrestling and Judo to help anyone create a well rounded grappling game from the feet to the ground.

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I have loved working with Elite Edge. Even online I have learned so much from Michael

David James Client

Training with Elite Edge has been a wonderful addition to my routine. I was in a slump, but now I'm getting help preparing for competition.

Lisa Danny Client

I didn't know what to expect training online - but it has increased my skills and prepared me so much for the upcoming competition. Definitely recommend!

John Collin Client